Flowchart Symbols




Responsive image Start/Stop The terminator symbol marks the starting or ending point of the system. It usually contains the word "Start" or "Stop."
Responsive image Action or Process A box can represent a single step ("add two cups of flour"), or /and entire sub-process ("make bread") within a larger process.
Responsive image Document A printed document or report.
Responsive image Multiple Documents Represents multiple documents in the process.
Responsive image Decision A decision or branching point. Lines representing different decisions emerge from different points of the diamond.
Responsive image Input/Output Represents material or information entering or leaving the system, such as customer order (input) or a product (output).
Responsive image Manual Input Represents a step where a user is prompted to enter information manually.
Responsive image Preparation Represents a set-up to another step in the process.
Responsive image Connector Indicates that the flow continues where a matching symbol (containing the same letter) has been placed.
Responsive image Or Indicates that the process flow continues in more than two branches.
Responsive image Summoning Junction Indicates a point in the flowchart where multiple branches converge back into a single process.
Responsive image Merge Indicates a step where two or more sub-lists or sub-processes become one.
Responsive image Collate Indicates a step that orders information into a standard format.
Responsive image Sort Indicates a step that organizes a list of items into a sequence or sets based on some pre-determined criteria.
Responsive image Subroutine Indicates a sequence of actions that perform a specific task embedded within a larger process. This sequence of actions could be described in more detail on a separate flowchart.
Responsive image Manual Loop Indicates a sequence of commands that will continue to repeat until stopped manually.
Responsive image Loop Limit Indicates the point at which a loop should stop.
Responsive image Delay Indicates a delay in the process.
Responsive image Data Storage or Stored Data Indicates a step where data gets stored.
Responsive image Database Indicates a list of information with a standard structure that allows for searching and sorting.
Responsive image Internal Storage Indicates that information was stored in memory during a program, used in software design flowcharts.
Responsive image Display Indicates a step that displays information.
Responsive image Internal Storage Indicates the direction of logic flow in a program.
Responsive image Off Page Indicates that the process continues off page.